Build car rental web site a wordpress plugin, customization needed.

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- You’ve read and understood the requirements clearly. (Please don’t ask what the requirement is. It’s all documented. )
- You bid PRICE is final as you’ve completely read and understood the requirements. ABSOLUTELY no changes to this.
- You are able to fully DELIVER within the time limit of 4 weeks.
- Ready to accept that NON-COMPLETE work will NOT be paid at all.
- The work is to be completed by yourself not your friend. is being changed to wordpress with the wordpress plugin:

I'd like someone skilled to install wordpress, install the plugin, install the theme, DO the CHANGES as per the ATTACHED document, install and config additional plugins.

You MUST test and make sure all the requirements are met and the site if fully functional before the handover.

- Finalize the design, choose a theme, lock in the requiements and set the delivarables.
- Set up demo website on your own server
- Customize and Install the plugin as per the requirements document
- Install the theme (A theme to be decided before the project starts)
- Build the pages and customize them as per the requirements document
- Install additional plugins and configure as per the requirements document
- Complete any further customization required
- Install wordpress,setup the environement and configure the domain. (server access and webmin panel provided)
- Migrate the wordpress site.

To be delivered in 4 weeks.