Data migration from custom web application (Mysql) to WordPress database

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We have an existing, custom social web application that allows users to signup and upload photos with various bits of associated information. The platform uses a MySQL database.

The current application and database contains:

- User accounts (email, username, password, etc)
- Users can upload photos with associated information (title, description, price, etc)
- Each user has a profile page that displays the photos that he posts
- Users can be “friends” with other users
- Users can also Share and Comment of other people’s posted photos

I need help to analyse the data and migrate all of this data into a new WordPress based system, that uses a WordPress Mysql database. The new application is already set up and is up and functional. There is no need to develop any new functionality. I just need the old data migrated over to work with it. This new system also has similar features as the current one, except it is using WordPress as the CMS.

The end result I need is to have the:

- User accounts from the current platform created as user accounts (authors) on the new WordPress system. The e-mails and passwords should be the same.
- Each user account has a Profile photo, the same profile photo that they uploaded on the old application should be used on the new application
- Photos by users on the current platform as entries by the same user on the WordPress system (Posts)
- Users that are “friends” on the old application should “follow” each other on the new application

The freelancer should be well-versed and experienced in MySql databases, WordPress, PHP and overall web application development on LAMP. Someone who is responsive and can be accessible via Skype or other chat channel would be great.

I will provide access to both servers and WordPress installations when job begins. Thanks in advance.