PHP Programmer

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- Experience in developing and deploying PHP applications from scratch
- Familiar with MySQL, Javascript, and CSS

- 6+ years programming in PHP
- Familiar with AJAX
- Familiar with PHP's native date/time functions and timezone support
- Familiar with characters sets and displaying multiple languages
- Knowledge of data security and encryption
- Experience setting up and tweaking Linux/Unix server environments from the command line
- Familiar with JQUERY
- Familiar with JSON and XML
- Experience on projects that utilized a remote API

Programmer will be maintaining and building new features for an existing application. This includes multiple public sites that collect reservations into a single database and a secured administrative back-end. Tasks may include:
- Building custom tools that allow site administrators to digest and manipulate data
- Assisting with generating and restoring backups
- Building algorithms to process existing data in new ways
- Adding support for new products and expanding the abilities of the current system
- Providing technical support and ironing out bugs

This is not a full time position, but contracted work.

Please do not apply unless we can verify your employment/work history and background.

Thank you