vBulletin, WordPress, Magento Integration

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vBulletin, WordPress, Magento integration. This website will have three platforms:

*eCommerce functionality with Magento

*A vBulletin version 4.2.3 forum

*A blog/news section with WordPress

A budget amount was required to post this job but I welcome your budget suggestion in your bid. Bids however will be scrutinized to ensure success of the project. All three components of this website need to be seamlessly linked. This means that a new website user can become a member of the website from any page and then access any other page on the website without logging back in. Becoming a member of the website will allow a user to post comments in the forum, post comments in the blog/news section and purchase products from the eCommerce store.

Communication for this project is absolutely key. Regular updates and quick responses are a project requirement. If you cannot respond to messages within 24 hours or provide weekly updates, please do not apply to this project.
The ideal candidate for this project will provide a detailed plan of action before any work begins. If that plan changes during the project, the developer will notify me immediately. I can help developers get this website set up by providing hosting details, FTP login credentials, etc. However, I am not a web developer. If there is a problem, the developer will be responsible for finding a solution.

The ideal candidate will have experience with Magento, vBulletin and WordPress. Additionally, the candidate will have experience installing more than one CMS on a single hosting account and/or linking multiple CMSs together. If you have never done this type of work or if you have no familiarity with these CMS's, please do not apply.

This website will be a place for collectors to purchase rare or interesting collectible items and memorabilia. This includes movie posters, costumes, etc. For this reason, the users should be able to go from a discussion in the forum to an informative blog and then to purchase an item without thinking twice about reentering passwords or emails. The key outcome of this project is a seamless integration of these three platforms so that the user has seamless use of the entire website as a whole. Single Sign On plugins that use social media accounts are NOT an acceptable solution for a seamless user experience. The single sign on solution must work for all users.

Elaborate graphic design or styling is not a primary objective for this first project. As stated, the primary objective is to connect the three CMS's together in a way that WORKS. Functionality is much more important than appearance at this stage. Troubleshooting will be a critical skill for this project.

A developer who completes this task partially or in an incomplete fashion will not receive payment. As part of working on this project, you agree that only a 100% complete, functional website build will be accepted when the due date arrives.
Please include in your bid a detailed plan outline explaining how you will complete the project. This plan must contain specifics on each step of the project, as well as explanations of how the website will be integrated and what will be necessary to achieve this goal.

Upon successful completion of this project, more projects are available as the website is continually developed with new features. I look forward to working with the successful candidate!