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Hello! We are looking to customize our theme to look exactly like the mockups we attached below.
We are currently working with The Voux Theme by FuelThemes. The Customizations are pretty straight forward most of the features are offered by the theme. We are located in Los Angeles California and we prefer developers who are able to Skype within our pacific coast times.

The Design consists of Six main Pages
A-Home Page
B-Internal Pages Fashion, Beauty, Culture
E-Members only
F-About us and Contact us
A- Home Page:
1- Slider: Check Vogue Japan for reference http://www.vogue.co.jp
2- 4 Featured posts: Check Vogue Us for reference http://www.vogue.com
3- Big Image Post: Check PSD
4- Giveaway Slider: Check the Blonde Salad http://www.theblondesalad.com/category/category-shopping
5- 2 latest Feed: Check HM for reference http://www.hm.com/us/life
6- Pinterest Banner: Check PSD
7- Big Image Post and Slider: Check C point and D
8- 3 latest feed: Check Point E
9- Ad Space: Check PSD
10- Slider: Check PSD
11- 3 Featured Posts: Check HM http://www.hm.com/us/life 12- Instagram Feed: Check http://mishanonoo.com

B- Internal Pages:
1- Make Padding and Margin exactly like
2- Add Category Tags
C- Calendar
1- Add Full Screen Slider: Check PSD
2- Calendar already predesigned
D- Diary
1-Simple page with Photos: Check Park&Cube; for reference http://www.parkandcube.com/coach-saddle-bag/ E- Giveaway Check Mockup
F- About us and Contact us
1- Check PSD Mockup and Psd links https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cfuggavia3oy6pl/AACVvn4Nr52tbn--KzKrsmyAa?dl=0