Website development for two new sites

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I am going to have two websites built soon. The development process may be slow, as we will have to put a lot of thought into each on to ensure it represents what we really want.

Just a general description:

One,, will be a content driven website. We would like to offer the following:

**Skills content (this menu will have several category-based sub-pages), maybe in blog,
video blog, podcast, and webinar formats,
**Equipment and clothing reviews,
**Product sales e.g. equipment and instructional DVD sales,
**Affiliate marketing links to several companies,
**Menu link for premium, paid-membership content site (this will link to a separate site with
signup function, payment (visa,MC, Amex, and PayPal options),

The premium content site,, will have:
login function,
**member account area to manage account settings and payment methods,
**premium content area in similar formats as above,
**courses area that will contain course materials for studying and an exam area to obtain
certifications after completing the course. Basically an eLearning area similar to Google
Partners Adwords and Analytics certification courses.
**Member Product Sales Page

And, I wonder if it's possible to add a social graph similar to Facebook, but much, much smaller, that would allow members to connect with other members on a social media-type network?

I have a pretty clear idea of what I want for these websites. The page copy, images, graphics, and content are still in development. We will do our best to keep up with the designer(s).

Please provide respond with your qualifications, the platform you would use to develop the sites, the time the project may take (our target launch date is 31 Dec 2016), and your payment requirements and price.

Thank you!
Tim Ferris