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I'll hire for one-off jobs until I get comfortable enough with one person to go to regularly. For this one, the task is figure out how (and write instructions on how) to change the words Categories and Tags to whatever I want when displaying calendars with the time.ly all in one calendar wordpress plugin. Use your own wordpress installation for testing, etc. If what you tell me to do works, I'll pay you. Again, to clarify: the calendar displays categories and tags. I want to be able to rename those something else, like "State" and "City". Bonus if you can add custom taxonomies and write instructions on doing that (so I can have more than 2). Note, your instructions must actually work - if they don't work (if it's just theory) I'm not going to pay for that. So please test, and prove that it works before giving me instructions. Must get it right the first time - I can't spend time going back and forth. Please don't send generic cover letters and resumes; I won't read them. Speak to me directly :)