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Website development for two new sites

Est Budget: $3000Posted: 17 Oct 2016 Add to my Tasks
I am going to have two websites built soon. The development process may be slow, as we will have to put a lot of thought into each on to ensure it represents what we really want. Just a general description: One,, will be a content driven website. We would like to offer the following: **Skills content (this menu will have several category-based sub-pages), maybe in blog, video blog, podcast, and webinar formats, **Equipment and clothing reviews, **Product sales e.g. equipment and instructional DVD sales, **Affiliate marketing links to several companies, **Menu link for premium, paid-membership content site (this will link to a separate site with signup function, payment (visa,MC, Amex, and PayPal options), The premium content site,, will have: login function, **member account area to manage account settings and payment methods, **premium content area in similar formats as above, **courses area that will contain course materials for studying and an exam area to obtain certifications after completing the course. Basically an eLearning area similar to Google Partners Adwords and Analytics certification courses. **Member Product Sales Page And, I wonder if it's possible to add a social graph similar to Facebook, but much, much smaller, that would allow members to connect with other members on a social media-type network? I have a pretty clear idea of what I want for these websites. The page copy, images, graphics, and content are still in development. We will do our best to keep up with the designer(s). Please provide respond with your qualifications, the platform you would use to develop the sites, the time the project may take (our target launch date is 31 Dec 2016), and your payment requirements and price. Thank you! Tim Ferris

Web App – PHP and MySQL based

Est Budget: $500Posted: 16 Oct 2016 Add to my Tasks
I need a web based app created for a company that makes Plastic items. The currently track stock using Excel. They want a system where they will add in all the stock items they make. There are about 100+ items that they make and sell to different clients. 1. Must be web based and be based on PHP and MYSQL. 2. User levels – Admin (Access to everything), User (Access to view stock and make New Orders) 3. The system must have these tabs (Stock, Customers, Users, Orders, Reports, Lab) Please contact for more detail.

Video streaming app

Est Budget: $1200Posted: 16 Oct 2016 Add to my Tasks
I need an video streaming application that can hold atleast 100 60 second videos. Must have the ability to categorize the video streams. once the app is opened up there should be atleast 6 categories to choose from and when each of these categories are chosen then you will be directed to the video links under this category. These videos should continuously play and also have the ability to choose which one I want to play


Est Budget: $1500Posted: 28 Jul 2016 Add to my Tasks
PERSONAL ASSISTANT/Hello. I seek individuals to work as personal assistant for me.Duties include Coordinating schedules,Booking travel,Running errands, working with vendors, etc.This position also performs office work including ordering and maintaining Office supplies,Document scanning,Filing,Backup for receptionist,Receive packages and Mails,Writing letters and other Office-related tasks from home. If you are interested kindly send me the details below for assessment and registration, then we can can discuss in details on your salary and depending on the kind of assignment.Get back to me via email:< > Full Legal Name : Address: City : State : Zip code : Cell # : Present Email: I await your prompt reply Regards, Sam..

website developed:

Est Budget: $2500Posted: 10 May 2016 Add to my Tasks
The website can have all or some of these components. I must absolutely have the source file and have it be a responsive design. Include Source File Responsive Design Multiple Revisions Interactive Mockup Responsive and Creative website full width design responsive design design supported by all media. well managed layout. Website Creation & Development - Web Hosting - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website - E-Commerce Site - Desktop + Mobile + Table Friendly Website - Design Revisions - - JQuery (Mobile Included) - Javascript - HTML & CSS - Wordpress - Sublime Text - Notepadd++ - Dreamweaver Service Type Graphic UI Platform Type Websites Landing Pages Mobile Apps Email Templates File Format AI JPG PDF PNG PSD SVG SWF ICO Dynamic view - professional designed - pages upto your limit - can be placed anything you want(your content, images, videos any thing) - android application(integrated with website) - On-page seo - Designing components u want (sliders, forms etc) Websites Landing Pages Mobile Apps website or a blog, - a php, html, css, javascript, Jquery - responsive sites - logo - or any web designs

Download the file and provide me the text written

Est Budget: $0Posted: 08 May 2016 Add to my Tasks
1. download the file. 2.give me the text 3.get paid

Download the file and provide me the text written

Est Budget: $0Posted: 08 May 2016 Add to my Tasks
1. download the file. 2.give me the text 3.get paid

Mobile Application Design Only (Android + iOS)

Est Budget: $400Posted: 22 Apr 2016 Add to my Tasks
In need of a graphic design (PSD) designed for a mobile app that will be released on iOS and Android. I only need one version as the application is being created in HTML 5. I have design specs and creative such as logo and other graphics. I will take your wireframe and send to developer for programming. Thanks in advance.

Wordpress Expert Needed - Modifications To Wordpress Based Site

Est Budget: $250Posted: 15 Apr 2016 Add to my Tasks
The site has been built using the Voice Wordpress theme with some modifications. The following capabilities are needed: 1. discussion capability - posting of questions, order of discussions, display of comments, and sizing/placement of text to be adjusted; add ability to view previous comments to older discussions 2. books - update descriptive text and load books to be sold; ensure that payment and email delivery of book functionality is operational (already implemented, just need verification) 3. conference - display conference information (agenda, speakers, logistics, etc.); registration and payment functionality (will provide the design for the page) 4. login/registration - modify login capability; update aethetics of login form (design and sizing/placement of text); ensure that registration verification emails contain the needed content and formatted 5. overall aesthetics of site - adjust sizing of text, maximizing use of page real estate 6. posts - when click on a post, instead of displaying on a new page, would like to display in a pop-up 7. ensure the site remains responsive Would like to hire someone who can start right away and dedicate time to getting this done immediately.

Grandstream UCM6104 IP PBX and Nexvortex SIP trunks

Est Budget: $1200Posted: 15 Apr 2016 Add to my Tasks
Grandstream UCM6104 IP PBX and Nexvortex SIP trunks expert needed. The Grandstream UCM6104 is an Astrisk based IP PBX appliance. We need a system review for best practices. We are having an issue with dropped calls or calls not going out or in on first dial. We are on the beta .42 version of firmware because of another issue. We have the phone behind a Cyberoam firewall on it's own LAN one. MUST have experience with Grandstream.

Hadoop, mapreduce, sql

Est Budget: $10Posted: 15 Apr 2016 Add to my Tasks
Implement the following sql in mapreduce. I'll provide you the data file. SELECT u.Occupation, COUNT(u.UserID) FROM users u WHERE u.Age = 25 GROUP BY u.Occupation ; /* output: */ 12::181 [tab] UsersTable

Marketo, Bootstrap and CSS Expert Needed

Est Budget: $250Posted: 15 Apr 2016 Add to my Tasks
I have a partially finished, responsive email newsletter that I need finished. It is mostly done, but needs to be adjusted and polished up. I also need it tested and verified. It is built in HTML/CSS with the Bootstrap framework, so please be experienced with these technologies. Here's what I need: - Finish coding for responsiveness - Test and Verify it works in Marketo (It MUST work in Marketo) - Verify it displays properly in all popular email clients, including Gmail, Outlook, Outlook web, mobile Outlook app, mobile Gmail app, Yahoo! mail, etc. - Please have a way to test this in Marketo - Please test this project in the email clients listed above and include screenshots that it is working properly If you have any questions let me know. Thanks!

Website Developed

Est Budget: $250Posted: 15 Apr 2016 Add to my Tasks
Looking to have a simple music video carousel website developed. I want to be able to add music videos to it on the back end. But for the actual website to be a simple toolbar/banner at the top... And a very nice, as stylized as possible, video carousel... I have a toolbar from another project I want to use. I want the drop down to have 5 sections. Each with a page of a video carousel I add to weekly. I want the video player to be able to share, and maybe leave a thumbs up or thumbs down. But no comments. A video player with a "Twitter ticker" would be my ideal set up, but i am not sure how possible that is. Maybe the twitter ticker could be sorted by hashtags.

Experienced Wordpress Developer Needed - Long Term | Good Feedback | Fast Pay

Est Budget: $350Posted: 11 Apr 2016 Add to my Tasks
Looking for a experienced WordPress developer to help with a migration/conversion of an existing backend system. The current system is php based and is utilized to add real estate properties to the front end of the current website. This system will need to be moved to a new server (databases, software, etc.) and converted to work within the newly developed WordPress website. Only a few changes will need to be made to the current layout (see attached PDF), the most difficult function will be connecting the transitioned backend software to post on the relevant homepages. Once project discussions start access to current website, old software system, etc. will be provided. **IMPORTANT** Please read thoroughly before bidding on this project. With your offer also provide a timeline for completion, this is a very time sensitive project and needs to be completed ASAP! If you are not available to begin work immediately DO NOT reply.

PHP/AJAX Form development

Est Budget: $20Posted: 29 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
Development of a Form in PHP/AJAX with HTML & CSS for animations. The form will be in two parts & submitted by Email Finally. Has to be integrated on a joomla site.

PHP Programmer

Est Budget: $450Posted: 29 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
Required - Experience in developing and deploying PHP applications from scratch - Familiar with MySQL, Javascript, and CSS Preferred - 6+ years programming in PHP - Familiar with AJAX - Familiar with PHP's native date/time functions and timezone support - Familiar with characters sets and displaying multiple languages - Knowledge of data security and encryption - Experience setting up and tweaking Linux/Unix server environments from the command line - Familiar with JQUERY - Familiar with JSON and XML - Experience on projects that utilized a remote API Programmer will be maintaining and building new features for an existing application. This includes multiple public sites that collect reservations into a single database and a secured administrative back-end. Tasks may include: - Building custom tools that allow site administrators to digest and manipulate data - Assisting with generating and restoring backups - Building algorithms to process existing data in new ways - Adding support for new products and expanding the abilities of the current system - Providing technical support and ironing out bugs This is not a full time position, but contracted work. Essential! Please do not apply unless we can verify your employment/work history and background. Thank you

Need simple Xenforo addon to modify Resource Manager

Est Budget: $150Posted: 29 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
I am looking to hire someone remotely to help create a very simple addon for Xenforo. The addon will just need to simply add a RSS feed to the Xenforo Resource Manager with the latest releases with a direct link to the download.

vBulletin, WordPress, Magento Integration

Est Budget: $1200Posted: 24 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
vBulletin, WordPress, Magento integration. This website will have three platforms: *eCommerce functionality with Magento *A vBulletin version 4.2.3 forum *A blog/news section with WordPress A budget amount was required to post this job but I welcome your budget suggestion in your bid. Bids however will be scrutinized to ensure success of the project. All three components of this website need to be seamlessly linked. This means that a new website user can become a member of the website from any page and then access any other page on the website without logging back in. Becoming a member of the website will allow a user to post comments in the forum, post comments in the blog/news section and purchase products from the eCommerce store. Communication for this project is absolutely key. Regular updates and quick responses are a project requirement. If you cannot respond to messages within 24 hours or provide weekly updates, please do not apply to this project. The ideal candidate for this project will provide a detailed plan of action before any work begins. If that plan changes during the project, the developer will notify me immediately. I can help developers get this website set up by providing hosting details, FTP login credentials, etc. However, I am not a web developer. If there is a problem, the developer will be responsible for finding a solution. The ideal candidate will have experience with Magento, vBulletin and WordPress. Additionally, the candidate will have experience installing more than one CMS on a single hosting account and/or linking multiple CMSs together. If you have never done this type of work or if you have no familiarity with these CMS's, please do not apply. This website will be a place for collectors to purchase rare or interesting collectible items and memorabilia. This includes movie posters, costumes, etc. For this reason, the users should be able to go from a discussion in the forum to an informative blog and then to purchase an item without thinking twice about reentering passwords or emails. The key outcome of this project is a seamless integration of these three platforms so that the user has seamless use of the entire website as a whole. Single Sign On plugins that use social media accounts are NOT an acceptable solution for a seamless user experience. The single sign on solution must work for all users. Elaborate graphic design or styling is not a primary objective for this first project. As stated, the primary objective is to connect the three CMS's together in a way that WORKS. Functionality is much more important than appearance at this stage. Troubleshooting will be a critical skill for this project. A developer who completes this task partially or in an incomplete fashion will not receive payment. As part of working on this project, you agree that only a 100% complete, functional website build will be accepted when the due date arrives. Please include in your bid a detailed plan outline explaining how you will complete the project. This plan must contain specifics on each step of the project, as well as explanations of how the website will be integrated and what will be necessary to achieve this goal. Upon successful completion of this project, more projects are available as the website is continually developed with new features. I look forward to working with the successful candidate!

PHP expert | MySQL expert with immediate availability

Est Budget: $250Posted: 19 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
I'm looking for a PHP/SQL expert for an immediate job, The job will include extending functionality of already existing PHP, bug fixes, and API work. I'm looking for someone who's available immediately. MUST be easily available on SKYPE on working hours, (if you are rarely on skype or hard to reach, please DO NOT apply...) MUST be available to provide a quote QUICKLY and start the job QUICKLY, I have several projects to work on and speed is important. If you're interested, kindly apply to this job and I will contact you shortly to set up an interview.

Full Stack Web Dev Required

Est Budget: $250Posted: 18 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
We need a remote dev to join our small team to work on some adjustments to our custom LAMP based social networking platform. Task including bug fixes, new features and we welcome suggestions from the team on improvements in a collaborative flexible environment. Were currently working on iOS webview projects and there's always something interesting in the pipeline. Ongoing work if you communicate well and work hard.

PHP Yii Web Development

Est Budget: $1700Posted: 17 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
I'm looking for a PHP Yii expert to finish a responsive web design project for a startup that is nearly completed and integrated with several API's including LinkedIn and Facebook. Please apply for more details. I'm also looking for someone who can provide ongoing web design support and integrate additional APIs.

Virtual Tour Creator - online plattform and web app development

Est Budget: $1500Posted: 17 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
We are looking for a back-end developer (team) to program an online platform for virtual tours. Including a web-app the so called tour generator and the tour viewer. With the tour generator the user can create his own virtual tour in four steps: 1. Upload 360° panorama photos 2. Upload and integrate floor plans 3. Connect and link 360° panoramas with hotspots 4. Finish and publish the virtual tour Besides this web-app, we need a platform with user login, account & tour manager, virtual tour player and online shop. You will work hand-in-hand with our front-end developer who has already layouted and designed the online platform and the tour generator. What we have is a very detailed mockup, what we want is a functioning product. Through the attached file you will find a small version of the mockup. More information will be given to you during the interview. The Tour Generator should be based on the template of Please contact us for detailed information. After an interview you will receive the layout for estimating your costs and making an offer. Moreover, we are interested in a long-term partnership for further projects.

WordPress Developer with woocommerce

Est Budget: $250Posted: 17 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
We Need a word press developer having hands on experience in seo reporting. would like to create a tool in our word press theme to show seo reports similar to webmaster. please apply only if you are 100% confident to finish the project. There are more projects related to seo reporting if this will complete successfully and within our budget. Please apply with few sample/example of seo reporting in word press.

Build car rental web site a wordpress plugin, customization needed.

Est Budget: $150Posted: 17 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
ONLY BID IF: - You’ve read and understood the requirements clearly. (Please don’t ask what the requirement is. It’s all documented. ) - You bid PRICE is final as you’ve completely read and understood the requirements. ABSOLUTELY no changes to this. - You are able to fully DELIVER within the time limit of 4 weeks. - Ready to accept that NON-COMPLETE work will NOT be paid at all. - The work is to be completed by yourself not your friend. is being changed to wordpress with the wordpress plugin: I'd like someone skilled to install wordpress, install the plugin, install the theme, DO the CHANGES as per the ATTACHED document, install and config additional plugins. You MUST test and make sure all the requirements are met and the site if fully functional before the handover. - Finalize the design, choose a theme, lock in the requiements and set the delivarables. - Set up demo website on your own server - Customize and Install the plugin as per the requirements document - Install the theme (A theme to be decided before the project starts) - Build the pages and customize them as per the requirements document - Install additional plugins and configure as per the requirements document - Complete any further customization required - Install wordpress,setup the environement and configure the domain. (server access and webmin panel provided) - Migrate the wordpress site. To be delivered in 4 weeks.

Finalise a site made in php with mysql

Est Budget: $75Posted: 16 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
Hi We search to finalise ur website in php mysql with PDO and to implement paypal with IPN this site are located on linux machine

Join Our Dev Team to Further Develop & Maintain Our Existing SaaS Product

Est Budget: $1500Posted: 13 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
We're looking for the right individual to join us as a Virtual Team Member to work with us on our existing SaaS solution. To start, the role offers 5-10+ hours per week, and very likely more hours and projects in the very near future -- up to full time. We have regular customer requests, 3rd party integrations, upgrades, and revisions we're constantly making to our product and we need to expand our team as we're growing. Our technology is built with LAMP on Zend Framework, with regular use of advanced PHP, Javascript, CSS3, Jquery, Jquery Mobile, and also other platforms we work with regularly, such as Wordpress. We need excellent English, communication, experience, energy, and someone who is truly passionate about technology solutions and their work. We also have a whole series of other, related, large scale projects that can open up as part of this opportunity for the right fit.

Integrate PayPal adaptive payments API into Angular JS SPA

Est Budget: $150Posted: 13 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
Hi there, I am a front-end dev looking to integrate PayPALs adaptive payments API (spefically the delayed chained payment) into my web application. It is built with Angular and Express JS, but the Express layer is simply a thin layer to render the Single Page Application as I am much less experienced on the backend. I would learn how to do this myself but this is quite urgent and needs to be done ASAP. I want to be able to set up PayPal so that anyone can pay for a particular item and set up the delayed chain payment both to our company and then to the seller of the item as in a marketplace.

Data migration from custom web application (Mysql) to WordPress database

Est Budget: $250Posted: 12 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
We have an existing, custom social web application that allows users to signup and upload photos with various bits of associated information. The platform uses a MySQL database. The current application and database contains: - User accounts (email, username, password, etc) - Users can upload photos with associated information (title, description, price, etc) - Each user has a profile page that displays the photos that he posts - Users can be “friends” with other users - Users can also Share and Comment of other people’s posted photos I need help to analyse the data and migrate all of this data into a new WordPress based system, that uses a WordPress Mysql database. The new application is already set up and is up and functional. There is no need to develop any new functionality. I just need the old data migrated over to work with it. This new system also has similar features as the current one, except it is using WordPress as the CMS. The end result I need is to have the: - User accounts from the current platform created as user accounts (authors) on the new WordPress system. The e-mails and passwords should be the same. - Each user account has a Profile photo, the same profile photo that they uploaded on the old application should be used on the new application - Photos by users on the current platform as entries by the same user on the WordPress system (Posts) - Users that are “friends” on the old application should “follow” each other on the new application The freelancer should be well-versed and experienced in MySql databases, WordPress, PHP and overall web application development on LAMP. Someone who is responsive and can be accessible via Skype or other chat channel would be great. I will provide access to both servers and WordPress installations when job begins. Thanks in advance.

Need codeignitor deverloper

Est Budget: $40Posted: 12 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
one of web site need php codeiggniter developer. i have issues to be fixed. if anybody can ready . pl send me message. Thank you

WordPress Sales/Squeeze/Landing Page Development

Est Budget: $150Posted: 12 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
Require a WordPress based sales/squeeze/landing page created. The following will be required: 1. Upload and setup of WordPress theme. 2. Customize look and feel of said theme; responsive to all platforms including mobile. Theme should be modern, fresh and appealing to the millennial demographic. 3. Contact form with name, email & phone # fields with MailChimp integration (or similar integration) for email-drip campaign. 4. Company logo and contact information (supplied) 5. Custom header image design 6. Testimonials from recent clients added to landing page for higher conversion potential 7. Product copy (will work to supply or give proper direction) 8. Custom graphics/artwork as necessary 9 SEO optimization for organic lead generation Open to suggestions as this is the first sales/squeeze/landing page our company has attempted. This should be a really basic first try (we're not looking for anything complicated). Simply put, we need an attractive landing page (one page only) that can convert either organic or PPC leads. The product is an auto insurance product for Uber/Lyft drivers. For consideration, please submit EXAMPLES of previous similar work. Thanks!

IOS Developer/ Designer Needed for Medical Apps

Est Budget: $250Posted: 12 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
We are looking for an experienced app designer and developer to join our team. Our project involves a lot of imagination and teamwork. The development part will be creation of the code, graphics, and submission to Apple. Requirements: One or two person team that can and will want to work long term Strong experience in developing/ designing utility/photo apps Great communication skills Please show best photo app works. Include "Medical App Success" in your cover letter.

Simple Outlook VBA Macro

Est Budget: $100Posted: 12 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
Hello, I am looking for a simple VBA Outlook macro that works under Outlook 2013 so that whenever I reply to an email, it will pre-fill the email body with a salutation using the display name of the recipient, and default the email signature. For example, if I received an email from: "Tony Stark " then as soon as I hit reply it would default the email body with: ------------ Hi Tony, Thanks, Pubs ------------ This needs to work when I click on reply from an open mail item, or from the main outlook listing screen. Thanks, Pubs

Desktop Software Developer

Est Budget: $5000Posted: 12 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
We want to create a web platform with a nice design Subscription plan for users with different options Sign up with email or Facebook Browsing search bar that allows the user to find an academic article in our database A database of articles that could be updated easily and at anytime A video presentation of our product that will be included into the website

add links to 93 videos posted on different video sharing platforms

Est Budget: $30Posted: 07 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
I have a list of 93 places where my video was posted. I need to add links to each place. I need you to log in to each site, add a sentence or two (copy and paste). You will need to determine if you can copy and paste sentence 1 or sentence 2 (if anchor text is allowed).

Script Developer/Writer to integrate with our ftp servers

Est Budget: $20Posted: 04 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
We are in need of someone to be able to automate pulling a spreadsheet file off of a ftp server, modifying it to be on one line/row instead of 3 and then push that spreadsheet to another ftp server.

Senior UX engineer required to analyze our website and provide changes to HTML

Est Budget: $1000Posted: 03 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
You are required to analyse our platform from all design aspects and provide suggestions and implement those in the website in two weeks time-frame. Requirements: -Creative and track record UX experience -Good knowledge of PHP CodeIgnitor Framework -Ability to implement the changes in a short frame period of time -Excellent knowledge of ecommerce websites -showcase your previous work, and designs in you BID** The duration of this project will be for two weeks only, use the code UX05 in your bid. Automatic bidding will not be accepted and will be hidden straight after.

Drupal 6 website is missing images on front end

Est Budget: $30Posted: 03 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
We have a Drupal 6 ecommerce website that all of a sudden had it's slider and product images begin missing. We need a Drupal expert to troubleshoot this issue and fix it today.

Modifications to an existing Web Site

Est Budget: $200Posted: 03 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
The website is written in JavaScript, HTML5 and PHP. It uses data stored in a Postgres database, we use stored procedures that are called from PHP scripts to get CRUD data. These are all in place. We then use HTML5 and JavaScript for the web gui. Very similar to Angular JS. We have templates in place for all of the web gui's. We need some one to work with the templates to produce new web pages and to make modifications to existing pages. You should be able to provide a quick turn around of tasks. This will be an hourly job. However, before we issue the hourly contract we will ask you to provide a single page with two tabs. Similar to the attached file but with only two tabs. Please provide your best price for this test page

Web Developer With Web Scrapping Experience

Est Budget: $170Posted: 03 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
I am looking to hire a senior WordPress developer with strong knowledge and experience in web scrapping and cron jobs. Please ONLY apply if you have strong experience with web scrapping and cron jobs. This job requires partial availability in US timezone (AM hours) and consistent communication. THE IDEAL CANDIDATE: – Strong understanding and ability to implement web scrapping and cron jobs – 4+ years experience in web development, IT and database (PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JQuery, CSS, etc) – Writes clean, modular, robust code for implementing the desired requirements with little or no supervision – Strong communication skills, proficient with English, and comfortable speaking on Skype/Slack – Previous similar work history VERY IMPORTANT: To separate you from the spammers, please write I AM REAL as the first line of your bid. We will delete all bids that do not start with this phrase, since most bidders never read the requirements. Thank you for being one who does!

eCommerce Company Seeking Talented Graphic Designer

Est Budget: $150Posted: 03 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
Hi there! Thanks for looking at our job posting! We're a new culinary company looking for a talented graphic designer to help us create a variety of new assets, from packaging illustration inserts, to new email (mailchimp) designs & templates, to specific website landing pages, and much more. A good friend of ours helped us establish a foundational brand identity and visual language, so we're looking for someone who can both create new assets within this existing framework/style, and also build upon it. An ideal candidate will be experienced working in the full Adobe Suite (photoshop, illustrator, etc.), have experience illustrating by hand, and photography composition/editing. Prior experience working with eCommerce companies UI/UX etc. is helpful, but not required A love of good food is also not required, but appreciated :) Qualifications: An ideal candidate will: - Be experienced with full Adobe suite (photoshop, illustrator, etc.) - Be able to illustrate by hand - Have experience with photo editing and composition Not required but a plus: - Have prior experience with eCommerce companies, UX/UI design experience is a plus - Specific experience with packaging design and printing - Experience creating content specifically for social media channels - Background in photography - Love to cook! Next Steps: If you're interested, we'd love to know more about you! Specifically, it'd be great to know: - Portfolio / Sample Work - Hourly Rate - Weekly Availability Any questions please let us know and hope to hear from you!

Video Editing for Company YouTube Library

Est Budget: $5Posted: 03 Feb 2016 Add to my Tasks
Our company has a series of very short videos that need editing for our Youtube channel. The videos are of various exercises and we would like to include bullet points of the proper form/technique for each exercise in the video. This is an example of a video we would like to (roughly) emulate: PS: Bid per 1 minute video editing

Illustrative logo design

Est Budget: $120Posted: 03 Feb 2016 Add to my Tasks
Looking for an illustrator with logo experience to create a fun logo for a new party planning website we are launching, "Plan Your Shindig". We are thinking of a whimsical design, and perhaps a caricature incorporated into the logo. Here are some i ideas we have: Please provide examples of similar work so we can see if we like your style of illustration.

UI Design In-Product Mockups

Est Budget: $850Posted: 12 Feb 2016 Add to my Tasks
Hello! I am looking for a UI designer to create in-product mockups (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) to be used for a brochure and on a website. You will be responsible for taking existing UI (system screen shots) and updating to be more visually appealing. The client does not want to show their actual UI in their marketing materials, so we have creative freedom. See here for an example of what I am looking for 2016 Product Guide Design Preview.pdf?dl=0 Should also be able to handle GIF creation similar to this example using the UI you design I need someone with a strong eye for design. Clean, modern, sophisticated.

Need a PHP Developer to Deploy PHP Website

Est Budget: $200Posted: 11 Feb 2016 Add to my Tasks
Hi. I have a web Project Available with us. We need a developer who can deploy it on Azure Tonight. Please Share Your Skype Id. Regards Shahnawaz

Book layout and design project

Est Budget: $430Posted: 03 Feb 2016 Add to my Tasks
I have a 24 page single spaced document in .doc format that I need a professional to design into an organized, beautiful, and reader-friendly book. The book will be offered as an e-book downloadable in .pdf format, as a printed hard-copy book, and as a Kindle book, so it would be preferable if a designer has worked with these formats before and knows how to create a book that works for all of these purposes. The book will need consistent formatting and photos (I will provide the photos to the designer). And it will need a nicely designed cover page. If possible, send examples of design work you have completed related to this type of project.

Experienced PHP programmer with JQuery Expertise

Est Budget: $150Posted: 03 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
Hi, I need someone with extensive PHP and JQuery Skills , should have SQL Server DB knowledge, but i require building user management in simple CMS and some updation / insertion of data , a php script to do some insertions, some data visualizations. So if you think you have enough knowledge to do all of this, please apply to this job. I would hire the freelancer who have best skills and low costing. so the best skills and minimum bid gets the job. I want this work to be started immediately, and i require dedicated time , and you might have to work 12 hours a day, so please please don't apply if you don't have time to do , or cannot work full time on this, or if you have loads of other projects, this work requires dedicated time. Thanks

Need website and database developer

Est Budget: $200Posted: 03 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
Hey ya'll . 1.We looking to develop website with several pages . 2.must have design skills . 3.Database of users ,admins and workers with a different permission roles . 4. Deadline within a week ,availability required! Best Regards Kobi

Web Developer For Fashion Blog

Est Budget: $150Posted: 03 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
Hello! We are looking to customize our theme to look exactly like the mockups we attached below. We are currently working with The Voux Theme by FuelThemes. The Customizations are pretty straight forward most of the features are offered by the theme. We are located in Los Angeles California and we prefer developers who are able to Skype within our pacific coast times. The Design consists of Six main Pages A-Home Page B-Internal Pages Fashion, Beauty, Culture C-Calendar D-Diary E-Members only F-About us and Contact us A- Home Page: 1- Slider: Check Vogue Japan for reference 2- 4 Featured posts: Check Vogue Us for reference 3- Big Image Post: Check PSD 4- Giveaway Slider: Check the Blonde Salad 5- 2 latest Feed: Check HM for reference 6- Pinterest Banner: Check PSD 7- Big Image Post and Slider: Check C point and D 8- 3 latest feed: Check Point E 9- Ad Space: Check PSD 10- Slider: Check PSD 11- 3 Featured Posts: Check HM 12- Instagram Feed: Check B- Internal Pages: 1- Make Padding and Margin exactly like 2- Add Category Tags C- Calendar 1- Add Full Screen Slider: Check PSD 2- Calendar already predesigned D- Diary 1-Simple page with Photos: Check Park&Cube; for reference E- Giveaway Check Mockup F- About us and Contact us 1- Check PSD Mockup and Psd links

Senior magento developer needed for smaller European projects

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Hi There, We need an experienced Magento developer who knows everything about customization and layout. We occasionally have projects on e-commerce and many adjustments to be made to existing websites. We believe in long-term relationships only. Billing should be in between $10 and $20 on hourly basis. Kind regards, Morgen Internet team, Netherlands

Wordpress Theme & Plugin Editor

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I'll hire for one-off jobs until I get comfortable enough with one person to go to regularly. For this one, the task is figure out how (and write instructions on how) to change the words Categories and Tags to whatever I want when displaying calendars with the all in one calendar wordpress plugin. Use your own wordpress installation for testing, etc. If what you tell me to do works, I'll pay you. Again, to clarify: the calendar displays categories and tags. I want to be able to rename those something else, like "State" and "City". Bonus if you can add custom taxonomies and write instructions on doing that (so I can have more than 2). Note, your instructions must actually work - if they don't work (if it's just theory) I'm not going to pay for that. So please test, and prove that it works before giving me instructions. Must get it right the first time - I can't spend time going back and forth. Please don't send generic cover letters and resumes; I won't read them. Speak to me directly :)

Develop Adobe Air Video Software

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hi there, thank you for reviewing my project there's a software that presently exists that mashes video clips or photo clips and makes lots of videos from them. I'd like to have the software created in adobe air. with a more modern looking UI here's a video showing what the present software does and the UI To qualify for this project you must tell me the special phrase I saw the demo videos and I know I can create this for you Anthony in your response to this project This is an additional demo video This project will be paid upon completion. With a bonus if finished ahead of schedule. I look forward to your proposal.

SOAP programming on HTTP

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Hi, We need to get SOAP program develop to exchange data with remote device using HTTP and post it on a URL and integrate it with the database. Please ignore mentioned budget and set your bid offer.

Winforms application with Clickonce deploy manifest sign

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I have Winforms application, repository located in VS online. 1. When i build it i am getting errors related to manifest and signing. I need somebody to implement a solution that works for multiple developers working on this repository. 2. Build script should publish the software 3. Upload published software to Amazon S3. probably some custom script required here. You must be familiar with these tasks before bidding. Please dont bid just because you know how to create clickonce application, my requirements involve VS Online, build scripts, manifest, code signing also.

Make Powerpoint Macros from Windows work with Office 2016 for Mac

Est Budget: $775Posted: 16 Feb 2016 Add to my Tasks
I am looking to create a custom powerpoint add-in for my small business. I have about 15 separate powerpoint files - each with a different template. I have the code for Windows but it does not work for Mac. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN MAC WITH POWERPOINT 2016 TO COMPLETE THIS JOB. Skills Needed: I would need you to create the add-in that works with Powerpoint 2016 on Mac and Windows. You would need to create a macro to open each of the different files automatically from Google Drive. The macro would then be assigned to a button in the custom Add-in ribbon. You will need to know how to get VBA macros to work on Mac. Please specify a fixed price for this job. Once I get this working I may do the same for Word and Excel documents as well. Thank you for your interest!!

Create 50 gmail accounts

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Send me the list of passwords and the email accounts.

Long term SQL php html developer

Est Budget: $120Posted: 03 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
$120 initial Retainer agreement will be paid to the right candidate every month for continue developing an existing PHP / HTML5 / SQL Website. the website will be operating in the multi billion dollar Moving and storage industry in USA. THE CONTRACTOR SALARY WILL GROW SIGNIFICANTLY BASED ON PERFORMANCE. Contractor mandatory routine: - Finish task in time or faster - Report about progress on a daily basis - Be dedicated, be a leader, push the project forward. we are looking for a contractor that can think independently and doesn't need to be told what to do every step of the way. - never announce completion of a task before running a thorough QA check and make sure that system can`t be failed. - Contractor must contribute time and effort on a daily basis and behave as if it was his own project , offer new ideas and advice about the best way of doing things. LOOKING ONLY FOR A LONG TIME CONTRACTOR!! -MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH: 1)Adjusting web pages to be responsive and fit well in all devices 2)Google Maps API 3)PayPal API 3)I-Frame 4)Design Skills - Illustrator / Photoshop are an advantage.

Create Excel Import Template

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I have several PDF's I need transcribed into a CSV so we can do a database import on the information. Most the PDFs are already text searchable, and can be saved into Excel format, but the data would need to be transcribed to an import template. The PDF's are insurance guides, from each guide we need a list of medical conditions, and their decisions. A list of the medication that will be uninsurable which is listed within each guide. Then lastly there is a simple build chart based on height/weight.

Technical IT Writers

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We are looking for skilled Technical IT writers who have experience and deep knowledge of the IT industry. These writers will help us to create: - eBooks - Guides - Tutorials - Blog Posts - Topical Pieces, etc Key Skills: - IT knowledge and/or experience in one or more of the following: - IT Security - Networking - Databases - VMWare - Cisco - Microsoft - Cloud Computing - DevOps - Systems Administration - Support, etc - Writing proficiency - Ability to synthesize technical information into easy to understand terms Engagement: This will be a per project job that will allow an IT writer to write topics that they have intimate knowledge about. If you have a lot of experience and knowledge of IT, and love to write, this is a great way to put those skills to the test.

Breakout EA

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​The EA will automatically perfectly highlight the key support and resistance levels on any forex, indicies and commodity 15mins to 1hour timeframe chart. EA automatically place a pending order 6pips away from these key levels. Buy signal - 6 pips away from key resistance, Sell signal - 6pips away from key support levels. Take profit 300pips, hidden Stop loss 100pip. Open position management - Breakeven - stop loss to move to breakeven with profit of 6pips. and the trail in multiple of 10pips, until close or Profit target hit.

Script-Writer for a Corporate Video

Est Budget: $50Posted: 03 Mar 2016 Add to my Tasks
We need a script writer for a corporate video for our professional services firm. It will be a 45 second video and needs to succinctly describe what we do and the benefit for our clients.